Cat Food

Our goal is to provide the best nutritional answer for your pets. You can shop with confidence, knowing that you won’t find any meat by-products or chemical preservatives in the foods that we carry. Here’s what’s on our menu today:

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Dry Cat Foods:  


 made in canada  Orijen  made in canada  Acana
 made in canada  Petcurean - GO! and NOW  made in canada  Horizon Complete
 made in usa  Fromm Four Star  made in usa  Wellness CORE

Canned Cat Foods:

made in canada  Go! Natural made in usa  Eagle Pack Holistic Select
made in usa  Tiki Cat made in usa  Wellness
made in usa  Weruva NZ   ZiwiPeak

Alternative Diets:

 made in canada  Carnivora - Frozen, raw
 made in canada  Bold Raw - Frozen, raw
 made in usa  Primal - Freeze dried
 made in usa  Primal - Frozen, raw
 made in usa  The Honest Kitchen "Prowl" - dehydrated, human-grade whole foods
 NZ  ZiwiPeak

Information on cat nutrition: