Dog Food

Our goal is to provide the best nutritional answer for your pets. You can shop with confidence, knowing that all of the pet foods that we carry are naturally preserved and do not contain meat “by-products”. Here’s what’s on our menu today:

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Dry Dog Foods:  

 made in canada  Orijen  made in canada  Acana
 made in canada  Petcurean - Go!  made in canada  Petcurean - NOW
 made in canada  Horizon Legacy  made in canada  Horizon Pulsar
 made in canada  Open Farm  made in Canada  Horizon Complete
 made in usa  Fromm Gold and 4 Star  made in usa  Canidae

Canned Dog Foods:

 made in canada  Go! Natural  made in canada  Tripett
 made in usa  Wellness  made in usa  Canidae

Alternative Diets

 made in canada  Carnivora - Frozen, raw
 made in canada  Mega Dog Raw - Frozen, raw food
 made in canada  Urban Wolf - dietary premix, grain free
 made in canada  NRG - Canadian, dehydrated foods
 made in usa  Sojos - Dehydrated raw food mixes
 made in usa  The Honest Kitchen - dehydrated, human-grade whole foods
 NZ  ZiwiPeak - Air dried dog food