About Us

The Barking Lot is an award-winning independent pet supply business, locally owned and operated in New Brunswick by Heather MacLeod since 2005.

During the pandemic, the business moved exclusively online. As of 2024, the business became a hybrid model, operating with a small storefront *and* an online shop!

Our focus is on offering only the best minimally-processed food options for your best friend’s longest, healthiest life, from puppy to senior. 

We are not veterinary nutritionists and do not offer diet consultations; only suggestions which you may wish to discuss with your veterinarian. 

about the barking lot

We’re on a mission to provide the highest quality pet foods for all of our best friends.


If you are a pet parent who wants to feed fresh, minimally-processed food to your pets, we’re here for YOU.

We research brands carefully and choose to carry only those who are industry leaders and who keep the health and wellbeing of our pets as their top priority.

The majority of the foods listed on our website are MADE IN CANADA (a few USA-made treats jumped into our cart!)

Photo: Rosie at 11.5 years


Serving you since 2005

The Barking Lot was the first retail store in Fredericton to stock raw, frozen, dehydrated and freeze-dried foods, introducing customers to foods and brands they had never heard of before.

We only sell products that we would happily serve to our own pets!

Local Delivery

We deliver our products locally within the city of Fredericton and nearby communities.

Canadian-Made Foods

We offer some of the highest quality Canadian-made pet foods.

Natural Pet Treats

Feel good about treating and training your dog with natural treats and training rewards.

To learn more about us please visit our Facebook Page or contact us with any questions you may have!