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Health Mutts’ NUK: Nature’s Ultimate K9

NUK is a raw dog food, made in Health Mutts’ own production kitchen in Bedford, Nova Scotia. We stock the Original frozen food and this freeze-dried, shelf stable version as well. The freeze-dried version is great for travel, back-packing, or just to have on hand to tempt picky eaters with the intense flavour that comes with the freeze-drying process.

NUK Original: bone-in chicken, boneless beef and pork meat, beef heart, beef liver, spinach & broccoli (5% veg).

  • Made in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Ingredients are human-grade and locally sourced
  • Rehydrate pucks with warm water before feeding
  • Nutrition (per rehydrated puck): 22.4% protein; 6.5% fat; 134 kcal/puck


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2 in stock

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Health Mutts' - Nature’s Ultimate K9: NUK (sounds like BOOK)

This product is Health Mutts' Original recipe, but in a freeze-dried, shelf-stable format. NUK Original contributes three different meat proteins in one recipe::

Ingredients: bone-in chicken, boneless beef and pork meat, beef heart, beef liver, spinach & broccoli (5% veg).

Feeding recommendations (adult): Rehydrate these pucks with very warm water, and allow to cool a bit before feeding. When rehydrated, each puck weighs approx. 75 g (6 pucks = approx. 1 lb). Feed approximately 2% of your pet’s body weight per day for adult maintenance.

This product is intended to be fed to your pet RAW; do not cook it. (This product contains ground chicken bones. DO NOT feed COOKED bones to your pet. EVER.)  Although balanced in terms of meat / bone / organ proportions and containing 3 meat sources, Health Mutts recommends adding a few additional fresh food items to make this a nutritionally balanced diet for dogs. For each single 75 g patty, add approx. 10 g of sardines (if using tinned, choose ones packed in water), 10 g of egg (no shell), plus 0.025 g of mussels and “a small amount of good quality, nutritionally tested kelp” (for iodine).

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