Health Mutts – NUK (Frozen)


Health Mutts’ NUK: Nature’s Ultimate K9

NUK is a raw, FROZEN food, made in Health Mutts’ own production kitchen in Bedford, Nova Scotia. Currently, we stock only the Original recipe, for Adult dogs.

NUK Original: bone-in chicken, boneless beef and pork meat, beef heart, beef liver, spinach & broccoli (5% veg).

  • Made in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Ingredients are human-grade and locally sourced
  • This product is intended to be fed to your dog RAW; do not cook.

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Health Mutts' - Nature’s Ultimate K9: NUK (sounds like BOOK)

In 2017, we were the first retail store outside of NS to carry Health Mutts’ products! They have developed a few new recipes since that time, always with the same care and attention given to the quality of ingredients.

We are very proud to carry Health Mutts' NUK, not only to support another small Maritime business, but because I believe that Selena and her team produce a truly outstanding product. I have been in the production kitchen in Bedford, NS and have seen the quality of the ingredients with my own eyes.

We encourage rotational feeding; NUK Original contributes three different meat proteins in one recipe::

Ingredients: bone-in chicken, boneless beef and pork meat, beef heart, beef liver, spinach & broccoli (5% veg).

Feeding recommendations (adult): Feed approximately 2% of your pet’s body weight per day for adult maintenance. Each puck weighs approx. 75 g (6 pucks = approx. 1 lb)

Thaw and feed this product to your pet RAW; do not cook it. (This product contains ground chicken bones. DO NOT feed COOKED bones to your pet. EVER.)  Although balanced in terms of meat / bone / organ proportions and containing 3 meat sources, Health Mutts recommends adding a few additional fresh food items to make this a nutritionally balanced diet for dogs. For each single 75 g patty, add approx. 10 g of sardines (if using tinned, choose ones packed in water), 10 g of egg (no shell), plus 0.025 g of mussels and “a small amount of good quality, nutritionally tested kelp” (for iodine).

Health Mutts' website:  Health Mutts 

NUK Original is available from us in packages of 30 pucks (approx. 5 lbs) and 60 pucks (approx. 10 lbs). There is a 20 lb option shown, which is for two ten-pound bags.


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