Smack (for Cats)


Smack’s crunchy style, raw dehydrated food provides the convenience of “scoop and serve” but the incredible benefits of a raw diet!

Pacific Fish Feast includes 85% wild Pacific Rockfish & wild Pacific Herring (both are bone-in & include organs) along with 15% organic fruits and vegetables.


Ingredients: Rockfish, Herring, Pumpkin*, Spinach*, Celery*, Apple*, Parsley*, Kale*, Turmeric*, Tocopherols*. *Indicates Certified Organic. Indicates Wild


Smack offers a “Buy 8, Get 1 Free” program for purchases made at The Barking Lot. We will keep track of your purchases from us and let you know when you’re getting close to your free bag!

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Smack is made in Manitoba, Canada, and is a family-owned and operated company.

Please refer to Smack's website for more detailed information on each of their recipes. The guaranteed analysis, calorie content, and feeding guidelines can be found here: